“It’s Bitcoin-like,” laments player who refused payment on stickers that seven years later are worth millions | DRAFT5

employee of Reason Gaming in 2014, a player revealed during an interview that he refused payment for work on the organization’s stickers. Seven years later, each is valued at approximately $50,000 each. The value corresponds to approximately R$ 263,000 according to the current price.

Photo: Reproduction/CS:GOPhoto: Reproduction/CS:GO

As the first job he had landed at the time, he pointed out that the owner of Reason Gaming asked if he would like to receive the stickers as payment. In all, 10 holographic stickers and 50 to 60 standard ones were offered. If he had accepted and saved the cosmetics, the value would have reached $617,000. around R$ 3.2 million.

“I think it was 10 holographic and 50 or 60 non-holographic., said the player while lamenting seven years after not having accepted the offer of the organization.

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Photo: Reproduction/CSGOSkinsPhoto: Reproduction/CSGOSkins

Reason Gaming stickers Katowice 2014 are among the rarest on the market. Precisely for this reason, the value demanded by him by collectors is stratospheric. According to sales records, his holographic version is selling for $53,000 each. Meanwhile, standard stickers are in the $2,300 range each.