Cryptocurrencies value more than Bitcoin but BTC is still champion in Brazilian polls

Although more than 11 thousand cryptocurrencies have appeared in recent years and, many of them, have surpassed Bitcoin (BTC) in valorization, the cryptoactive created by Satoshi Nakamoto is still the great King in Brazilian searches on Google.

According to a survey by BitcoinTrade, not even the sum of Brazilians’ interest in all cryptocurrencies on the market is able to surpass Bitcoin in searches on Google. The BTC corresponds to 63.8% of searches on the Share of Search (share of searches on Google) compared to other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin survey analyzed the 30 most searched currencies and Ethereum (ETH) represents 10.2% of searches, being the most popular altcoin in recent searches. Stablecoin Dai is also ranked in the top 5 cryptocurrencies with greater interest from users. The asset ranks third with 5.1% of user interest.

“Ethereum is a technology that has been growing and leveraging itself together with Bitcoin. It is even the second largest digital asset in the world”, explains Bernardo Teixeira, CEO of BitcoinTrade.

Next, we have Dogecoin (DOGE) which represents 3.6% of the Share of Search and in fifth place, we have the active Cosmos, with 3.2%.

The research analyzed the Share of Search (SoS), which is the participation in Google searches that a term has within the market in which it is inserted, being directly related to market share. The formula for calculating SoS is to divide the search volume for a term by the total search volume for all terms in that segment.

Variation of interest of 5 most searched cryptocurrencies











BitcoinTrade search with Google data from 13 to 28/07/21

Wealthy Families Buy Bitcoin

The fame of cryptoactives has reached the ears and the daily lives of the richest families, published by Valor, which states that upon demand from investors and wealth managers, families are studying the topic and there are already those who include this class of assets in the allocation of portfolios.

Young people are the main actors in the search for cryptoactives, according to the newspaper, which echoed a recent mapping released by the CFA Institute Research Foundation, on the potential impact of cryptoactives on investors’ portfolios.

According to the study, Matt Hougan and David Lawant compiled a test by Bitwise Asset Management, which assigned different, small percentages of Bitcoin (up to 5%) to a traditional portfolio (which was 60% equity, 40% fixed income ).

Luiz Pacheco, a partner at Brainvest, told Valor that the recommendation to investors has been to allocate up to 2.5% of the portfolio in cryptoactives. “As volatility is high, you can’t invest much more than that.”

He says that segments related to the world of cryptoactives such as the “blockchain” (technology behind bitcoin) are evaluated as other strategies before composing an investment portfolio.


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