Former football player is accused of money laundering with BTC

After ending his career prematurely and melancholy, former player Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira returns to the headlines under the accusation of being involved in a series of financial crimes, including laundering illicit money through the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC).

A former football player with spells in Grêmio, Internacional, Manchester United and the Brazilian team, Anderson was denounced by the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul (MP-RS), along with seven other defendants, on suspicion of involvement in crimes such as aggravated theft , criminal organization and laundering of goods, rights or valuables.

Andershow, as he was known when he first appeared on the pitch at age 16, seems to have definitely left behind the skill of the times when he emerged as a promise of Brazilian football and is now accused of a R$35 million crime – unveiled by Operation Cryptoshow.

Started on June 25, 2020, the operation had Anderson’s apartment in Porto Alegre at its very first moment as one of the targets of the 13 search and seizure warrants issued by the courts.

According to the complaint, the diversion of the money took place through two technologically sophisticated operations. In the first, the money was diverted from a large company’s bank account through 11 electronic transfers (TEDs) that were maliciously forwarded to six companies located in four different cities – Porto Alegre, Cachoeirinha, São Paulo and Porto Velho.

The same technique was used in the second operation, whose victim was a different company. The investigation also revealed that the group carried out operations to launder the stolen money through the acquisition of cryptocurrencies in brokers in Brazil and abroad.

In a statement to, Anderson pleaded not guilty and revealed that he had invested in cryptocurrencies since 2019. .

The first accusation against Anderson of participating in a fraud involving the accounts of the metallurgical company Gerdau was made public in July, as reported by Cointelegraph Brasil.


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