‘New Egypt’: Cabo Frio (RJ) becomes a center for bitcoin investors, with ‘pyramid’ scams | Fantastic

Bitcoin companies, the virtual currencies, are being investigated in one of the trendiest and most luxurious regions in Rio de Janeiro. They make those enticing offers for high and fast profits, but several customers end up at a loss.

In the dispute for this valuable market, the partner of one of these companies was murdered, and two others, targets of attacks.

Ricardo Oliveira, known as Rick, owns X6, a “financial solutions” company, which promised investors 15% monthly income. He was arrested this week in Niterói, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio, for illegally carrying a weapon.

According to police, Rick guaranteed to invest the investors’ money in the Stock Exchange and in bitcoins, a kind of virtual currency, but that is not what the investigations found.

What piqued the curiosity of investigators is that almost all of Rick’s victims also have their money invested in other companies. Most of them are based in a resort, 180 kilometers from the city of Rio.

It was in Cabo Rio, in the Lakes Region of Rio, where at least ten companies are being investigated. THE city, which has always attracted tourists in search of sun and beach, became the paradise of scammers and began to be filled by people who promise high and quick profits. Cabo Frio even gained a nickname: new Egypt, for its investment pyramids, which keep growing.

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