Police invade ‘shed’ and find Bitcoin mining machines

Bolivarian police in Venezuela received a call in a shed that was releasing products that were harmful to the environment, but when they invaded the site, Bitcoin mining machines were found.

It is worth noting that in Venezuela mining activity is not prohibited, as long as the miner has prior clearance from Sunacrip, a division of the local government focused on regulating the cryptocurrency market.

With brutal inflation, the population ended up getting to know the cryptocurrency market and entered this reality, to escape the money issued by the country, which has practically no more value in the market.

One of the activities that the Venezuelan population became interested in was mining, as the cost of energy in the country is not high as in other places.

After receiving a call in ‘polluting shed’, police find Bitcoin miners

Last Wednesday (18), the Bolivarian police were called to investigate a shed that was allegedly polluting the environment. The owners of this place illegally processed products into liquid, gaseous and solid states, with irregular disposals of substances.

According to Barquisimeto’s local news portal, the case took place in the most populous city in the state of Lara, in western Venezuela. The anti-drug police commissioner said the activities greatly degrade the environment.

“When performing tasks inherent to the service, we could see that in an establishment that functions as a shed, the company processes the aforementioned material and has environmental outputs such as solids, liquids and gases without possession of the Register of Activities Capable of Degrading the Environment (RACDA) ”.

The crime may fall under the Penal and Environmental Code of Venezuelan legislation and is still under investigation.

Among the materials that were eventually seized by the police were 52,000 kilos of polyethylene, a material that allows the creation of various products, such as plastic boxes, pallets, among others.

In addition, a Toyota brand forklift, four F-150 Ford pickup vehicles, 1 blue Volkswagen Beetle and one Ford Cargo truck were seized.

Among the electronics, the Bolivarian police ended up finding 28 Bitcoin mining machines, Bitmain brand, which were without authorization to operate at the site, being seized as well. A Galaxy A01 cell phone was also seized in the action.

It is worth noting that in case of seizure of cryptocurrency mining equipment, these are forwarded to Sunacrip. In recent months, several police operations in Venezuela have ended up being carried out, especially when investigators detect an increase in energy consumption in homes and businesses.

Although the focus of this action has not been the Bitcoin machines, this is not the first time that the police have visited a shed and found such equipment. In the UK, for example, a recent raid to close a marijuana production facility turned out to be a cryptocurrency mining farm, drawing the attention of authorities.