Vine is building NFT games on Ethereum

We saw a number of items being tokenized and sold such as NFT, images, music, movies and artwork. Now, games are starting to be developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

That’s the vision behind Supdrive, a newly revealed NFT project led by Dom Hofmann, best known as the co-founder of Vine. Supdrive will be an “on-chain fantasy console” where the NFTs themselves serve as games. If you have the game on NFT, you can play it through the “Supdrive Virtual Firmware” software.

Supdrive will initially be supported by original games created by Hofmann himself, with the first one called “Origin”. Over time, he plans to open up the platform for contributors to create additional titles. In a Discord post, Hofmann compared the project to Art Blocks, an initiative that has so far encompassed artwork from a wide range of artists.

“Working within the constraints of smart contracts is challenging and satisfying, and the concepts of permanence and provenance are attractive,” Hofmann told Decrypt, referring to the snippets of code in blockchain networks like Ethereum that make it possible to do innovative things with NFTs. “By zooming in a bit, NFTs are an amazing building block for online communities.”

“Most NFTs naturally fall into some kind of grouping, whether it’s a collectible project or an artist’s body of work, and that grouping creates a tangible shared element that brings people together. These communities have a strong alignment and a common purpose, and we’re starting to see interesting things coming out of that.”

Each Supdrive game will come in multiple NFT editions, each different from the others. They can have varying difficulty settings, color palettes and gameplay variations depending on which version you buy.

Furthermore, while the initial games are designed to look like retro Atari-style arcade games, Hofmann anticipates future firmware updates that bring more advanced graphics and gameplay mechanics.

“Most things started as ‘why not?’, but there are new mechanics to be explored. The idea that your edit of a game is unique and may appear or play differently than my edit – and that we can swap them – is interesting.”

“The idea that having an edition of a game can contribute to the outcome of a different game is interesting. The idea that a fantasy console can appear in multiple contexts is interesting. In addition to the mechanics, it’s also an exploration of the game’s monetization outside of the models we’re familiar with today. ”

The NFT market exploded in early 2021, generating $2.5 billion in transaction volume in the first half of the year. After the market crash, the sector started to grow again in recent weeks.

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