After a year without paying rent, a man is evicted and leaves 8,000 empty beer cans on the property – Mix

A cleaning specialist took about 30 hours to clean and sanitize the place.

An unusual case occurred after a tenant was evicted for not paying rent in Hampshire, England. He left 8,000 empty beer cans in the leased property. In addition to the cans, the apartment was left completely dirty, described as “a real chaos”.

According to the Daily Mail report, the two-bedroom rented property was abandoned by the former resident with no less than 8,000 empty beer cans scattered around from the most varied brands.

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Specialist in house cleaning and sewer systems, Freddie Gillium-Webb, was responsible for returning the place to its original condition. In addition to the thousands of cans that covered practically the entire sofa in the living room, spider webs they covered the entire apartment.

A lot of rotten food was left behind, and the bathroom was in a state of disaster. Freddie commented that the toilet flush seemed never to have been used. On top of the toilet, there was a pile of used toilet paper.

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The kitchen situation was no different from the rest of the apartment. The table and chairs were mired and barely visible amid so much dirt that the specialist had to scour the place to find them. On the floor, countless cigarette butts were strewn about.

It took 30 hours for the site cleaning to be completed. All the dirt was collected in over a hundred large garbage bags. Freddie used 10 bottles of bleach to sanitize the apartment.

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