Auction of properties from R$ 71 thousand in the State

Hotel in Linhares, with 98 units, is offered for R$ 8.96 million (Photo: Disclosure)Hotel in Linhares, with 98 units, is offered for R$ 8.96 million (Photo: Disclosure)

Properties repossessed by banks for non-payment are on offer and could be an opportunity to invest. On September 1st, there will be an online auction of Banestes due to the pandemic, with more than 55 properties, the majority in Greater Vitória, and bids starting at R$ 71,000.

Caixa, on the other hand, receives offers for properties through its website. Currently, there are 108 options in the State that are eligible to receive proposals from interested parties.

There are two types of purchase: online direct sales and online sales. On the direct, the client already closes the deal as soon as he chooses the property. In online, there is dispute. Caixa receives proposals for seven days and then indicates the best offer.

In the case of the Banestes auction, individuals and legal entities may participate. Among the properties are luxury apartments, commercial rooms, apartments, rural properties, houses and even a hotel. The cheapest bid is for an apartment in Nova Almeida, in Serra, starting at R$ 71 thousand.

The auction will be on September 1st, at 3 pm. Interested parties must register on the website, where participants can follow and bid. In addition, it is possible to visit the goods that will be in the auction, as long as they are booked in advance.

Among the properties on offer are two luxury apartments in Vila Velha. One of them is on Itaparica Beach, with a total area of ​​250 square meters, and the initial bid is R$ 1.05 million. The other is facing Praia de Itapuã, with 468 square meters and an initial bid of R$ 2.8 million.

In addition to these two properties, a hotel in Linhares, in the Movelar neighborhood, will be auctioned in a single lot. There are 98 units of the project, with a bid starting at R$ 8.96 million.

Buying real estate at auction, however, requires caution. The real estate lawyer Diovano Rosetti warns of expenses beyond the property’s value.

“The first care is to know if the appraised value of the property is compatible with the market. Then whether it’s busy or not. If it is occupied, the bank does not vacate. Who needs to do this is the bidder, which consequently will have an additional cost of lawyer.”

He also said it is necessary to visit the property to see how the situation is and even talk to the landlord. Another important measure is to go to the notary’s office and get a certificate from the real estate registry to ensure that the property has no debt.

400 families lose their home

From January to August of this year, it is estimated that around 400 families lost their properties and were evicted due to debts, according to real estate lawyer Diovano Rosetti.

The survey, carried out with brokers and real estate agencies, shows the number of the first eight months of the year. In relation to the last 12 months, the number of evictions is around 1,500.

The main factor that led families to lose their homes was the pandemic of the new coronavirus. For Diovano, last year was very complicated for a large part of the population, in which many lost their jobs and were unable to pay the bills.

“These evictions were due to covid-19. Many people had financing to pay for, but over the course of the year they lost their jobs,” he said.

Also according to the lawyer, there is no way to negotiate, considering that these are contracts signed with banks. “In these cases, there is nothing to do. There is no way for a person to escape the contract”, stated Diovano.

The reason people lose ownership of property is just one: default. Because of this, auctions take place and those who cannot afford the financing need to leave the property, in case someone buys it.

“The person who bought the property signs the property and notifies the resident to vacate within 30 days. In cases where the resident does not want to leave, after this period the bidder can file a possessory action. This type of process can take, on average, six months,” noted Diovano.

However, with the advance of vaccination in the state, the perspective for the coming months is that the number of evictions falls, and people are able to return to normality. According to the expert, the expectation is that, as vaccination progresses even further, the situation for those who want to finance a property will get better.

“Commerce and other sectors were closed for a long time and this contributed to these people’s debts, but from now on it should improve again”, concluded the lawyer.

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Banestes Auction

  • The bank has scheduled a property auction for September 1st at 3 pm.
  • Due to the pandemic, participants will follow the auction and bid online.
  • In Grande Vitória alone, there are 55 properties that participate in the auction. In all, there are 86 properties to be auctioned.
  • The properties are distributed in 17 Espírito Santo municipalities, in addition to the states of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.
  • The others are in the cities of Anchieta, Barra de São Francisco, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Castelo, Colatina, Conceição da Barra, Iconha, Laranja da Terra, Linhares, Mimoso do Sul, Piúma and São Gabriel da Palha.

Registration and visit to auction properties

  • Those interested in participating in the auction on September 1st must register on the website
  • It is necessary to accept the website usage rules and send a copy of the documents requested so that the registration can be released for bidding.
  • Individuals and companies can participate.
  • It is also possible to schedule a visit to the properties that will participate in the event.
  • Visits to the sites of the goods to be auctioned can be scheduled by calling (27) 3315-5148 and (27) 99892-5148.

Some Auction Property Options

  • Luxury apartment facing Itaparica Beach, with a total area of ​​250 square meters. Bids will start at R$1.05 million.
  • Luxury apartment on Itapuã Beach, with a total area of ​​468 square meters. The initial bid is R$2.8 million.
  • There are 14 commercial rooms in Campo Grande, Cariacica. Considered one of the busiest places in Greater Vitória. Initial bids range from R$79,400 to R$85,000.
  • 19 apartments and a duplex penthouse, in the center of Guarapari. The units are new, with options for two and three bedrooms with ensuite, one or two parking spaces.
  • The penthouse is 161 square meters. Initial bids range from R$319,000 to R$870,000.
  • Apartment in Nova Almeida, in Serra, with 43.64 square meters, with an initial bid of R$ 71 thousand.


  • Those interested in acquiring the goods offered can opt for the purchase financed by Banestes and/or use of FGTS resources, depending on the type of property.

Cash Auction

  • Caixa informed that it does not carry out specific events for the sale of real estate, but that real estate offers take place permanently on the website
  • Currently, there are 108 properties in the state that are able to receive proposals from interested parties.
  • There are two types of purchase: online direct sales and online sales. In direct sales, the customer closes the deal as soon as he chooses the property. In online sales, dispute occurs. Caixa receives the proposals for a period of seven days and then indicates who gave the best offer.

Sources: Banestes and Caixa.