Belo Horizonte again bans fans in football matches – General

1 x 0 Confian Cruise
Cruzeiro 1 x 0 Confiana, by Serie B do Brasileiro, last Friday, was the second test event in Belo Horizonte (photo: Ramon Lisboa/EM/DA Press)

The city of Belo Horizonte disapproved of the two test events in the city last week and will again prohibit the holding of games and other sporting events with the public present. The decision will be made official this Monday (08/23), with publication in the Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM).

A meeting organized by the Municipality of Belo Horizonte between representatives of the municipal government, football clubs – America, Atltico and Cruzeiro – and Minas Arena (the concessionaire responsible for managing Mineiro) was scheduled for 9:00 am on Monday. However, the meeting was canceled and the decision already taken this Sunday (22).

The Municipality of Belo Horizonte, through the COVID-19 Coping Committee, has already analyzed the test events and did not hesitate to inform the decision. According to the Executive, non-compliance with the rules and protocols established for the holding of matches supported the measure.

First test event was Atl
First test event was Atltico 3 x 0 River Plate, by Libertadores; data on the public present were questioned by the mayor of Belo Horizonte (photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

Mineiro was the stage for both test events. The first test took place last Wednesday (18), in the match between Atltico and River Plate, from Argentina, for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores. Even with a series of restrictions and pre-established rules, the match registered crowding and disobedience to the rules.

In light of what was observed on Wednesday, the Municipality of Belo Horizonte met with representatives for brief corrections aiming at a match between Cruzeiro and Confiana, on the last Friday (20th), for the 20th round of the B Series of the Brazilian Championship. The scenes, however, were similar to the game between Atltico and River, but on a smaller scale.

Mineiro, who generally discloses the paying and present public with the game still in progress, has not yet released this data. Cruzeiro, the game’s host, was also able to inform the number of fans this Saturday, but has not yet manifested itself.

The Municipality of Belo Horizonte released a note regarding the decision. Read the full release below:

Good afternoon.

The Municipality of Belo Horizonte informs that the meeting this Monday, with representatives from Mineiro and football clubs, was cancelled.

It will be published in the next edition of the Official Gazette of the Municipality, ordinance that prohibits fans in the capital’s stadiums.

After analyzing the two test events held in the last week, the decision was taken by the Covid-19 Coping Committee in view of the non-compliance with the rules and protocols established for the performance of matches.