Check out 10 films to meet the Brazilian filmmaker

In August 1981, Brazil lost Glauber Rocha, a controversial and brilliant filmmaker. Rocha was one of the creators of Cinema Novo, a movement that, in the 1960s, proposed a cinema engaged in the country’s reality and aimed at transforming society. Glauber Pedro de Andrade Rocha was born in Vitória da Conquista (BA) in March 1939. In 1947, he moved to Salvador and began participating in the school’s theater. Rocha attended the Faculty of Law of Bahia, now Federal, where he participated in an amateur film group.

The filmmaker began his career as a director in 1958, with the short film the patio, an experimental production with few resources. The first feature, windbreak, came in 1961. His work was carried out in the period before the military coup of 1964 and extends to the political opening, in the early 1980s, and all productions carry with them reflections of society and that historical context.

Check out some of Glauber Rocha’s productions to know the essence of the director: