Counterproof analyzes cases of the delta variant in Ribeirão Preto

Image: Acidade ON

The Municipal Health Department of Ribeirão Preto is awaiting the results of the retest of tests to detect eight cases of covid-19 caused by the delta variant, known as the India strain.

The cases were initially found by the Supera Parque laboratory, responsible for the covid-19 tests in the public health network in Ribeirão Preto. However, to obtain precise information about the variant present in eight tests, the samples were sent to the Blood Center for analysis of genetic sequencing.

In a note, released last Friday, August 20, the Municipal Health Department did not provide details about the suspected cases and whether the transmission would already be taking place in a community. States such as Santa Catarina and Rio de Janeiro have already confirmed community transmission of covid-19 caused by delta – community transmission is when the origin of the contagion is not identified.

not the first

If delta’s eight cases actually hold up, it won’t exactly be new. Last week, the Municipal Health Department of Serrana confirmed the first case of delta in the region. This is a woman who works in the health area. She lives in Serrana, but works in Ribeirão Preto (learn more by clicking here).

What does science say?

Studies on the delta strain, first identified in India, point to a larger scale transmission. Rio de Janeiro, considered the epicenter of the delta in Brazil, is already suffering from an increase in hospitalizations after a period of decline.

Health officials fear the delta will trigger a third wave of covid-19. The behavior of all vaccines in preventing the new strain is still unclear. CoronaVac, however, showed promising results (click here to learn more).

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