Dragon Age hardly had any dragons: name was randomly generated

The RPG series Dragon Age is acclaimed by her fans for the construction of her worlds and characters, as well as the depth of relationships we often find in BioWare games. But another very important element for games was almost left out of them: dragons. This story was revealed by Ian Stubbington, a former BioWare developer who worked as a lead artist in the development of environments for Dragon Age: Origins.

Stubbington told The Gamer website that the name Dragon Age came from a random generator before the team decided what to call their new game. Some programmers created a randomizer with middle age fantasy keywords, and the name Dragon Age came up and that’s what the team liked the most. The only problem? The game had no dragons.

“They came up with something and added a bunch of fancy words to a list. The thing kicked in and produced some names, and the one that got the most votes for the team at that point was, of course, ‘Dragon Age‘. David Gaider (main screenwriter) answered something like ‘hmmm, so we better add some dragons to the story then…'” – declared Stubbington, handing the floor over to Gaider, who added:

“Yes, originally Dragon Age it was a fantasy world that kind of… It was past its ‘high fantasy’ era. Magic was on the wane and dragons had been hunted to extinction. the big story in Dragon Age: Origins it wasn’t just that the darkspawn were returning, but that this was an unexpected return to a fantastical past that setting believed it had left behind.”

Gaider says he even complained to the project leader at the time, James Ohlen, because the name would not make sense. But Ohlen decided it was better, then, to add dragons to the game’s story and gameplay. Gaider says it took him a while to get used to the idea of ​​making so many changes just to accommodate the title, something like “the tail wagging the dog”. But in the end he liked the changes – “Dragons were too fun to fight.”