Ex-Player Anderson Denounced for Laundering Bitcoin Money

Former soccer player Anderson Abreu, with passages for Inter, Manchester United and the Brazilian national team, was denounced for laundering money with Bitcoin. In addition, the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul (MP-RS) investigates the athlete for qualified theft and criminal organization.

According to the complaint, signed by the prosecutor Flávio Duarte, Anderson would have participated in a scheme that circumvented the Santander bank’s digital security system.

Then, the group embezzled R$ 35 million from the Gerdau metallurgy and the São Paulo stock exchange. To hide the illicit resources, the suspects would have bought the cryptocurrency.

Scheme embezzled R$ 35 million and washed with Bitcoin

The investigation began in June of last year, when the first phase of Operation Cryptoshow was launched.

According reported by CriptoFácil, the police action carried out, at the time, 13 search and seizure warrants in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre.

At that time, former player Anderson, known as Andershow, was already among those investigated.

According to investigations, the first diversion of R$30 million by Gerdau occurred in April 2020, when criminals sent the stolen money to six companies based in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Cachoeirinha and Porto Velho.

Santander was able to identify that more than R$ 18.8 million were sent to an exchange for the purchase of Bitcoin.

Also during the investigation, it was revealed that the group made a second purchase of R$ 5 million in BTC in a new money laundering operation. This time, the amount belonged to an account holder responsible for the stock exchange.

Anderson says his company sold Bitcoins

Now, in the MP-RS complaint, eight people will be held liable for crimes such as theft, criminal organization and laundering of goods, rights or valuables. Currently, the process is being processed in secrecy by the courts.

To Globo Esporte, Anderson claimed he is innocent and reaffirmed what he said earlier, in the outbreak of Operation CryptoShow.

The player claims to have investments in cryptocurrencies since 2019 and confirms that his company sold Bitcoins to one of those involved. However, he claims that he did not know that the money had an illegal origin.

“We weren’t subpoenaed, it’s hard to talk now. There is an investigation, Anderson is aware of this. But this Anderson will prove that he was a victim, not a participant. That’s his position,” said Anderson’s lawyer, Julio Cezar Coitinho Junior.

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