Leila says she wants to renew her sponsorship with Palmeiras before the election and rejects the return of Mattos | palm trees

Leila Pereira, sponsor and candidate for the presidency of Palmeiras, said this Sunday that she wants to renew Crefisa’s sponsorship contract with the club before the elections. She also guaranteed that football director Alexandre Mattos will not return to work at Verdão if she wins the November election.

– Journalists should focus not on who puts money into the club, but on who spends it irresponsibly. I don’t see any conflict (being a sponsor and president). Our intention is to renew this contract before the elections. The value will remain the highest in South American football – said Leila Pereira, in an interview with Rádio Capital.

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Leila Pereira, Palmeiras presidential candidate — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The businesswoman did not reveal whether the value will undergo any adjustment. Her company pays around R$81 million annually to display its brand on the Palmeiras shirt. The current bond ends in December 2021.

Leila Pereira also assured that Alexandre Mattos will not occupy any position in the management if she wins the election.

The name of the football director who served from 2015 to 2019 and is currently unemployed has often been linked to Leila. Behind the scenes at the club, many believed that if the sponsor won the election, it would replace Mattos in the position, given the relationship created both with her and with her husband and also advisor, José Roberto Lamacchia.

– Everything has its time. A lot of people ask me this, but in the press I never said it. We live another moment in Palmeiras. I will be direct, objective and transparent. If I am elected president, Alexandre Mattos will not work with us at the club again. I wish Alexandre every success, I think he is an excellent professional, but his cycle is over. Other cycles begin. I think Mattos’s is over.

The candidate also promised to discuss the possible permanence of the current football director at Palmeiras, Anderson Barros. His contract ends at the end of the year.

– I will sit down with him and we will analyze the work, the income, the costs and we will decide what is best for Palmeiras.