‘The Voice Kids’: Check out all the emotions of the last day of the Battles | 2021

Stay with us and follow everything that goes on in the program here!

Time Teló opened the afternoon of presentations to the sound of “Knives”, sertanejo success in the voice of Diego & Victor Hugo, Bruno and Marrone. The girls sang beautifully, leaving the coach in that tight skirt when deciding who wins the Battle.

Finally, the technician chose Bianca Alves to continue representing your team in the next phase.

Then it was Time Brown’s turn to take the stage. The trio performed with “Black Cat”, music from Getúlio Cortes, which was immortalized in the voice of King Roberto Carlos.

After much praise for the three participants, the technician defined that Allonso Pieroni wins the Battle and remains on Team Brown.

🎤 Camilla Souto x Gyovanna Antunes x Helloysa do Pandeiro

Also representing Team Brown, the female trio took the stage bringing a lot of good spirits with the song “Ask for Happiness”, from the band Melim. Talented and radiant, the girls shone in Battle.

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