Zé Ramalho cancels participation in Sérgio Reis album

The singer Joe Ramalho announced that he will not participate in the new album of Sergio Reis. In 2019, the singer had recorded with Reis the song “Admirável gado novo”, which would be included in the singer’s new project and former federal deputy.

“The recording has lost its meaning and neither the composer nor his publisher will not authorize the use of the work”, the publisher Avôhai Music informed in a note to the newspaper O Globo.

According to the newspaper O Globo, the editor and the singer asked Reis’ office not to “use the phonogram at all”, both in radio and electronic media.

Since Reis had leaked audios, in which he called for a national strike of truck drivers to protest against the 11 ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), several artists gave up on participating in the singer’s new album.

Maria Rita, Guilherme Arantes and Gutemberg Guarabyra, famous for their duo with singer-songwriter Luiz Carlos Sá, also reported that they left the album.

In an interview with “Domingo Espetacular”, Sérgio Reis commented on the controversies involving his name. “I messed up. I want to apologize, even to the Supreme (Federal Court). I am a person who only thinks well of others. And now they want to finish me off as if I were a criminal. I’m not a bad guy. I said nonsense. I thought it wouldn’t have this repercussion”, he commented about the Federal Police search and seizure action carried out at his residence.

“(The audio leaked) because there’s the jaguar’s friend, do you know? These days, no one is secret anymore. You say anything, it’s on the internet, it’s out there and it leaks, you go to groups and everything else”, continued Sérgio to Roberto Cabrini.

According to the investigation initiated by the Civil Police of the Federal District after the leaking of the audios, the crimes of threat (article 147 of the Penal Code), damage (article 163 of the CP) and “exposing to danger another means of public transport” are investigated. (Article 262 of the CP).

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