12 Minutes Actor became so addicted to Oblivion that he decided to burn the record • Eurogamer.pt

James McAvoy has taken drastic measures to combat his addiction.

James McAvoy is one of the biggest names in the film industry – the actor already has a number of films in his repertoire, including the X-Men films where he plays the younger version of Professor Charles Xavier.

More recently, James McAvoy voiced one of the characters in Twelve Minutes, the point and click game by Portuguese Luís António – don’t forget to check out our review.

Interestingly, according to information reported by Games Radar, McAvoy’s past with video games seems troubled, and involves a very popular Bethesda saga.

“My partner at the time bought me an Xbox 360 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion,” he said. “This was the kind of game I always liked when I was a kid: RPG games, Zelda, Secret of Mana, that sort of thing. I love fantasy RPGs.”

“So there I am in Dublin. Like I have to go to bed at 10pm because I get up at 6am every morning and I have tons of lines and all that sort of stuff. And I just stay awake until four in the morning just playing Oblivion. And I’m thinking, ‘This game is sending me to Oblivion (Oblivion)'””

The situation came to a head when he stayed up all night until 5:35 am, 10 minutes before a car arrived to take him to the set – at the time, the actor was filming the 2007 film Becoming Jane. a drastic solution, he turned on the gas stove. “I just put the record in it and watched it, like, scorch and melt a little bit. And I said, ‘Okay, we’re done, we’re done, never again!'”

Have you ever been obsessed with a game? Did you also have to take drastic measures to deal with the matter?