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Adriana Araújo sues Record

Adriana Araújo sues Record

Adriana Araújo is filing a lawsuit against Record. The journalist, who left the station in March this year, filed a lawsuit in the Labor Court. She asks for the recognition of employment relationships with the television channel, in addition to claiming that she was a victim of discrimination at the company.

According to the website Notícias da TV, the case is taking place at the 63rd Labor Court in São Paulo and there have already been two hearings between the journalist and the broadcaster. Adriana filed the process in June this year, three months after leaving the company.

The journalist worked at Record from 2006 to 2021. She was hired as a PJ (Legal Person), that is, she provided services to the station without an employment relationship. The professional who works with this type of contract does not have a signed workbook and must have a company and issue an invoice every month to receive payment. This hiring model may have advantages such as a higher salary, but at the same time the worker may be without rights such as paid vacation and 13th salary.

As of 2016, Record started to sign the employees’ work card to avoid being the target of labor lawsuits. However, Adriana Araújo was not one of those covered by this measure and continued as a PJ. The journalist alleges that she was discriminated against by the station for not and says that she fulfilled everything that was asked of her, even without agreeing, but even so, she was not hired as a CLT.

Because of this, Adriana Araújo asks for the recognition of employment relationships with the television channel. Also according to Notícias da TV, A Record argues that the journalist always earned a good salary and was one of the stars of the house. Four former bosses of the presenter have already testified at a hearing and there is still no trial date.