Afghanistan: what is the Panjshir Valley like, the only territory that resists the Taliban’s advance

  • Lucía Blasco
  • BBC News World

Armed Afghans beside military vehicles in the Parakh area, Bazarak, Panjshir province, on August 19, 2021

Credit, AHMAD SAHEL ARMAN/Getty Images

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The region has avoided invasions for four decades

About 150 kilometers northeast of Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, is the last stronghold of resistance against the advance of the Taliban in the country.

A rugged mountain valley that has been free from encroachment for over 40 years.

The Panjshir Valley resisted occupation by Soviet troops in the 1980s (1979-1989) and faced the Taliban in the 1990s (1996-2001), becoming a stronghold of opposition to the Islamic group.

“In the contemporary history of Afghanistan, Panjshir has never been conquered, neither by foreign forces nor by the Taliban,” says journalist Mariam Aman of the BBC’s Afghan service.