After 26 years of redhead, Marina Ruy Barbosa shocks when she shows what she did with her own hair

Marina Ruy Barbosa surprises with attitude (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

The actress Marina Ruy Barbosa always had hair considered untouchable, even in soap operas, however, this week, she surprised by showing a radical change.

Last Friday (20), the famous came up showing the short and straight locks in a chanel cut, as never before in life, behind the scenes of an advertising campaign.

The actress’ admirers, of course, were delighted with what they saw and raved about the comments, making it clear that she looks pretty with any type of hair she wants.

Despite this, the actress also faces problems and recently she used her Twitter profile to vent. On the social network, the artist reflected on life and reached a conclusion.

life is weird“, she fired. In the comments, a follower countered the words of the famous. “You are rich and beautiful Marina“, he said. The redhead then replied: “And who said that money and beauty is a solution?“.

The question raised by Marina reverberated on social networks among internet users. “It’s not the solution, but it’s halfway there“answered one. “I wish I could say that one day“, said another.

Healthy, rich and beautiful. What does she want most, guys? So many people just wanting health that it was good“, stated a third.

Marina even commented for the first time on rumors that she would have had a bichectomy – a procedure to reduce her cheeks.

In interaction with Instagram followers, the actress denied having been to the operating room and clarified that she is against invasive aesthetic interventions:

Not [fiz bichectomia ]! I am particularly against such invasive procedures. I think as I got older, my face changed naturally, we lose our cheeks”.

The famous took advantage of the idle moment to answer questions related to her career. First, she talked about the possibility of starting to work abroad.

Today I already have international openings and invitations. And I think this is very cool, because social networks also bring people together and give visibility to the work. And there is a lot of room in the market for Latinos today. I think it’s natural that more and more I’m working outside“, he said.

Finally, Marina reflected on the feeling of having to divide her time between being an actress and being a businesswoman: “I love acting, but I confess that this business side also completes me today.”.

It makes me very proud to see what I’m building, you know? Seeing a company growing, generating jobs… it’s a big responsibility to make the business go round. But it’s too pleasant”, finished.

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