After becoming famous, Gil do Vigor’s boyfriend reveals about BBB 2022: “Boninho called me”

Gil do Vigor’s boyfriend became famous (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

First fixed stay of Gil of Vigor since leaving Big Brother Brazil, the dentist Plínio Vasconcelos is being successful on social networks and has already talked about the possibility of joining the BBB 2022.

To UOL, the 33-year-old boy spoke about the romance, but tried to throw off it by answering: “Falling in love? Will be? I do not know…”. About how he came out gay, he said it was when he was 20 years old.

“As my mother would say, I am for getting married. I love children and I always thought about building a family”, he declared, then talking about his supposed going to confinement, playing with the situation:

“Boninho called me these days and I’m analyzing the proposals because it’s a lot, right? Just kidding, guys! I’m super calm and I really don’t know”.

The revelation about the romance between him and Gil do Vigor was made by the newspaper Extra, which discovered that the “contatinho” of the ex-BBB and exposed him publicly.

The ex-BBB and the young man met through mutual friends. On the occasion, the “Rei da Cachorrada” was soon enchanted by the São Paulo native, who graduated three years ago and has his own clinic in São Paulo.

According to the publication, like Gil, Plínio prioritized studies and is very close to his mother.

On Instagram, Vasconcelos, who became a volunteer in oral rehabilitation programs, already hints that he is getting involved with Gilberto.

This Thursday (19), on Instagram, the boy posted two photos with the ex-BBB in Stories. In the clicks, the couple appears together in a restaurant. “With him”, captioned the dentist, who placed the emoji of a little blue heart.

Despite wanting discretion in the relationship, the economist, who had already revealed that he was having an affair with someone whose first letter of his name is “P”, reposted Plínio’s publication in his profile.

To the fans, the Pernambuco native told that Vasconcelos is “wonderful” and that he hopes to continue the relationship even from a distance.

According to sources in the publication, the relationship between the dentist and Gil do Vigor is still not serious, although it has been happening for some time, when there is availability in their schedule. “The two are staying”, explained the person.

Speaking of Gilberto’s love life, he recently shocked fans by confessing that he already hooked up with a former Big Brother contestant.

The confession was made in Stories on his Instagram profile, when he made netizens curious by shooting: “But I don’t say who it is”.

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