After defeat, the wall of São Januário dawns painted with menace: “Everyone will die”

After defeat of the Vasco to factory worker (2-0) this Saturday, part of the São Januário wall was painted with graffiti this Sunday, with several threats, including death threats. The club’s base was also the target of complaints.

Part of the wall of São Januário dawned this Sunday, graffiti with various threats. O act of vandalism occurred after Vasco’s defeat by Operário-PR, and the consequent bad campaign in Serie B.

In the video below, you can see strong phrases, such as “everyone will die”.

The graffiti was concentrated in the club store area. It took place at dawn from Saturday to Sunday. The base of the club was still called “slut” and “filthy”.

It is not the first time that the bad performance of the team has generated actions of this type in Serie B. In June, during the game with the CRB, a drone flew over the lawn of São Januário with two banners hanging, a fan flag and another with the following words: “Vasco is worth more than their lives. Play for them”.

On Saturday, Vasco’s 123th birthday, a protest by organized fans was held in front of São Januário. President Jorge Salgado and football executive director Alexandre Bird were the main targets of the complaints.