After polemics, Z Ramalho gave up on participating in Srgio Reis’ album

Z Ramalho and Srgio Reis (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

Another artist withdrew from participating in the new album of sir kings after the controversial statements he made last week. This Saturday (8/21), it was time to Z branch, who also announced that he will not authorize the inclusion of the music Brave New Cattle by the singer.

According to the columnist Ancelmo Gois, from O Globo, the decision of Paraíba, because he understands that his presence does not make sense at the moment.
Z branch join the artists Maria Rita, William Arantes and Gutemberg Guarabyra, who also gave up participating in the new recording of Srgio Reis.

The former deputy went viral on the networks during the last week after calling a national strike of truck drivers to protest against the STF (Federal Court of Justice).

The act, which has content to support the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party), was scheduled for the September 7 holiday and triggered an action by the PGR (Attorney General’s Office) to determine those responsible for the call.

The sertanejo singer and the Bolonarista deputy ottoni of Paula (PSC-RJ) were among those investigated in the Federal Police operation.

In an interview with the program Spectacular Sunday, which airs this Sunday (22) at 7:45 pm, Srgio Reis said, “I was wrong. I want to apologize, even to the Supreme Court. I am a person who only thinks well of others. And now they want to finish me off as if I were a criminal. I am not a crook. I said nonsense. I thought it wouldn’t have that repercussion”