AMD Ryzen Zen4 processors will have integrated graphics by default

The integrated GPU must be based on the RDNA2 architecture

Chips and Cheese published today (23) some information acquired by documents leaked by the invasion of Gigabyte by hackers that showed a compatibility list of processors with socket AM5 and indicate that Zen4 generation Ryzen CPUs will feature integrated graphics by default, just as Intel currently does. Previous leaks showed that the iGPU will be based on RDNA2.

It is worth noting that this does not mean that Ryzen Zen4 processors will have all models with integrated graphics, but that this will be the standard for the next generation. The leaked documents themselves indicate that some CPUs may not have an iGPU and may be AMD equivalents for Intel Cores with suffix -F. The difference is that, according to the leaks, it won’t just be Ryzen ending G that will feature integrated graphics (This can be great news for those looking for systems like PC Baratinho, without a dedicated graphics card).

Listing of AMD 19H (Zen4) family CPUs with integrated graphics (Image:Videocardz/Playback)

We’ve already commented here on Adrenaline about a release roadmap for AMD processors leaked back in April of this year that showed that the integrated graphics of the Zen4 generation of CPUs must be based on RDNA2. The processors that should receive the news will be the Ryzen 7000, with a probable release for next year. In the same period, we expect AMD to also release Zen3 APU models with integrated graphics upgraded to RDNA2.

It is worth noting that the documents released by Chips and Cheese do not mention support for new video connection technologies such as HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.0 like some previous leaks, which may simply be an indication that the information refers to a model with iGPU disabled. Other sources also suggested that socket AM5 would have 4 more PCI-e 4.0 lines.

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AMD has been using integrated graphics based on Vega cores to power its APUs for quite some time, but now that Intel is managing to improve the graphics performance of its SoCs, there is pressure for AMD to do the same and finally release graphics processors integrated RDNA2. One of the first systems where we’ll be able to see how the RDNA2 architecture will behave as an iGPU is on the Steam Deck, which will be released later this December.


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Via: Videocardz Source: Chips and Cheese