Andressa Suita Shares Gusttavo Lima’s ‘Private Show’ Video | celebrities

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Posted 22/08/2021 20:28 | Updated 08/22/2021 20:30

Andressa Suita cheered fans on her social networks by sharing a video this Sunday, following her ex-husband, Gusttavo Lima, as he sang songs by the duo Bruno & Marrone.

“Private show? We do,” wrote Andressa in the caption. Gusttavo Lima recently declared himself for the model at a concert in the United States, in which he recorded a DVD. The distance didn’t stop the singer from thinking about the influencer, much less was it an obstacle for him to make a declaration of love right in the middle of the show.

At one point during the presentation, Gusttavo Lima was moved by dedicating the show to his mother Sebastiana, who died four days after her son’s wedding, in 2015. The countryman couldn’t hold back his tears and even lay down on the stage emotionally. It was at this moment that he declared himself to his wife and children.

“Hello, Gabriel. Hello, Samuel. Daddy loves you. Hello, Andressa, I love you too,” said the singer, making the audience go wild with the unexpected declaration. In another moment of the show, Gusttavo Lima also sent a message to the presenter and said that she and her children were watching the recording from a distance. “Hello, Andressa. Kiss. ​​Follow up, well. Daddy misses him. When Daddy arrives it’s going to be a mess,” he said.

The couple broke up in 2020 and have two children.