Andressa Urach went back to posing in a bikini, but reluctantly. Vice-Miss Bumbum 2012, who is pregnant with her second child, used social networks to vent about the resumption of her modeling career.

“I am a sinner, and of course I suffered a lot for having to go back to working with my image and taking pictures in a bikini, but I have to pay the bills. If the Universal Church hadn’t taken away all my assets, I certainly wouldn’t be embarrassing Jesus with my actions. But God sees everything, and His judgment alone is enough for me,” he wrote on Instagram’s Stories.

Photo: Reproduction

As soon as she returned to modeling, in the middle of last year, the former pastor and current partner of Miss Bumbum said that she had taken “rancidity” from church. In other vents, Urach revealed that he donated to Universal the equivalent of R$ 2 million in luxury cars, jewelry and bags.

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