Anyone who wants to be guided will have to use Google Assistant’s guidance system

For those who live with applications on a daily basis, you know that it is very difficult to adapt when the functionality goes out of line. It’s hard to go after another that meets the same requirements. Unfortunately, this is a common practice in technology companies, which always seek the greatest convenience for the user.

Last week, Google announced that it will end the Android Auto GPS app for smartphones on Android 12. The app will be replaced by Google Assistant’s driving mode, which is directly linked to Google Maps. Android Auto for vehicles is still running and available for download.

For those who use the GPS frequently, you may have noticed that since the beginning of the week, the app itself already displayed a notification where it alerts about the end of the service. In order not to let users down, in the message, Google suggested that the user go to Google Assistant’s driving mode.

According to Google, the app will no longer be available on Android 12, but users of previous versions of the operating system will still be able to use Android Auto on their mobile phone.