Atletico-MG’s patron says he is ‘astonished’ with the ban on the public and accuses Kalil: ‘Jealousy and envy’

O Atlético-MG he didn’t like this Sunday’s decision by the city of Belo Horizonte, which went back and banned the public in stadiums in the city again. The change occurred due to disrespect for health protocols in last week’s match against the river plate for the Libertadores Conmebol. One of the club’s patrons, businessman Ricardo Guimarães, said he was ‘astonished’ by the measure

“For those behind the scenes at Atlético-MG like me, you know that the success forwarded by the selfless Rubens (Menin), Rafael (Menin), Renato (Salvador), Sérgio (Coelho), Zé Murilo (Procópio), in addition to professional success Rodrigo Caetano, Cuca and all the players, may be causing envy and jealousy in people in the city hall”, said the member of the current board of administration of Atlético-MG to Rádio Itatiaia.

The businessman was referring to the mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil, who was the president of the Minas Gerais club in winning the Libertadores in 2013.

“As an Atlético collaborator and an expert in everyday life, I see that Atlético’s success has bothered people in the city hall. Just look at the demands of the absurd and extremely costly counterparts for the construction of the MRV Arena and, now, this ban on fans in Belo Horizonte”, he continued.

“This decision has more of a political character, within Atlético, than a public issue of the city hall. This will never be admitted or even proven, but the city seems to want to dispute with the directors and collaborators of Atlético. It seems that there are, in the city hall, people wanting to make things difficult for Atlético”, he said.



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“My perception is to be astonished about this measure. I see no reason for such a radical decision at the moment. If there were errors against River Plate, the city is also a participant in the error”, he declared.

leader of brazilian, Atlético-MG returns to the field this Monday, against Fluminense, in Maracanã.