Atletico-MG’s patron says that decision about fans in Belo Horizonte has to do with club policy: “Envy and jealousy” | athletic-mg

The decision of the Belo Horizonte City Hall to again prohibit the presence of the public in the stadiums continues to generate friction with the clubs, which are against the measure. This Sunday, Ricardo Guimarães, former president and member of the current board of directors of Atlético-MG, did not spare criticism of PBH.

Ricardo said he was astonished by the ban and said that the city is also to blame for the errors that occurred in the protocols of last week’s games. Without naming names, the businessman said that the decision has to do with Atlético’s policy. It is worth remembering that Alexandre Kalil presided over Galo and still has internal influence at the club. The interview was on Rádio Itatiaia.

– My perception is to be astonished about this measure. I see no reason for such a radical decision at the moment. If there were errors against River Plate, the city is also part of the error. (…) I would like to approach this issue with another approach, which will not be admitted.

“For me, this decision has more of a political character, within Atlético, than a public issue of the city hall. This will never be admitted or even proven, but the city seems to want to dispute with the directors and collaborators of Atlético. It seems that there are, in the city hall, people wanting to make things difficult for Atlético”

Ricardo Guimarães, former president of Atlético-MG — Photo: Reproduction/TV Galo

Ricardo Guimarães was keen to emphasize that his opinion is personal and not related to the club’s position. The businessman cited the compensation demanded by the City for the construction of the MRV Arena as an example that “people in PBH” are uncomfortable with the good moment at Atlético.

– As an Atlético collaborator and an everyday person, I see that Atlético’s success has bothered people in the city hall. Just look at the demands of the absurd and extremely costly counterparts for the construction of the MRV Arena and, now, this ban on fans in Belo Horizonte, which directly affects Atlético.

According to Ricardo, people who are part of the backstage at Galo have the feeling that the club’s success may be causing envy and jealousy in people who are in the city hall.

– For those who are behind the scenes at Atlético, like me, you know that the success forwarded by the selfless Rubens (Menin), Rafael (Menin), Renato (Salvador), Sérgio (Coelho), Zé Murilo (Procopio), in addition to the professional success of Rodrigo Caetano, Cuca and all players and collaborators, may be causing envy and jealousy in people in the city hall. Is what it seems.

“It seems they are rooting against it, even if they say otherwise. As this is just my opinion and not the club’s position, it doesn’t need to be proven. But it’s a responsible opinion of those inside and feeling the difficulties”

Officially, Atlético has not yet commented on the measure, but a video of the club’s president, Sérgio Coelho, was released, asking for explanations from the city hall about the measure, making a comparison with the Hippie Fair, which is in normal operation.

In the course of the afternoon, Alexandre Kalil called a press conference for this Monday morning. The new ban on audiences in stadiums will be on the agenda.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG — Photo: Disclosure