Banco do Brasil launches payment slips via WhatsApp

Banco do Brasil (BB) customers can now issue, consult and change bank slips via WhatsApp. A pioneer in Brazil, the chat banking system was launched this week and, according to the financial institution, will mainly benefit small entrepreneurs.

To use the tool, the customer must access BB’s WhatsApp and start a conversation with the PJ specialist, the bank’s virtual assistant in the application, by typing “#PJ”. Then, just type “I need to register a bank slip” for instructions to appear on the conversation screen.

The application will ask for payer information (CPF, name, address, supplement) and payment details (amount, due date). The bank slip is generated as soon as the information is confirmed, with the customer being able to forward it to the recipient.

The feature also allows queries to be carried out, when the user types “I need to consult a bank slip. Documents can be changed with the command “I need to change a bank slip”. Both options allow you to generate a PDF for sharing.

Last year, BB was the first bank to offer an assistant specialized in legal entities on WhatsApp. In addition to collection transactions, the assistant provides assistance on credit, working capital, cash discount, check cashing, payroll, checking account, credit card and technical support. The tool also allows balance, statement and card limit queries.