Beyoncé uses Tiffany Diamond valued at R$161 million

Collaboration for Splash, in São Paulo

08/23/2021 08:50 AMUpdated on 08/23/2021 09:49 AM

Beyoncé and Jay-Z star in Tiffany jewelry’s new campaign. With a look inspired by the movie “Bonequinha de Luxo” (1961), the singer wears the famous yellow diamond of the brand, valued at 30 million dollars —161 million reais, at the current price.

According to Tiffany’s official website, the jewel “is one of the largest and most sophisticated yellow diamonds in the world.”

The rough stone was found in 1877, in South Africa. After being cut, the “Tiffany Diamond” was left with 128.54 carats and an unprecedented 82 facets — 24 more than the traditional brilliant cut with 58 facets.

The piece had only been worn by four women before Beyoncé: Mary Whitehouse in the 1957 “Tiffany Ball”, Audrey Hepburn in 1961 during publicity photos for “Luxury Doll”, Lady Gaga at the Oscars 2019 and Gal Gadot in the film “Death in the Nile”, scheduled for release in 2022.