Braz stays in Rio to close the contract and reporter ‘sniffs out’: “I received information from a person linked to the direction of FL”

Flamengo changes the key this week and focuses on the match against Guild, for the first game of the Copa do Brasil. For the big duel against the gauchos, Mengão will have the rounds of Arão, Bruno Henrique and possibly Isla. On the other hand, Léo Pereira will be re-evaluated and may be embezzled.

Regarding the ball market, Mengão continues to seek ways to advance in negotiations with David Luiz, free defender on the market since leaving Arsenal. Journalist Mauro Sant Anna updated the negotiation scenario and provided details on his channel about the possible hiring of the defender.

I received information from a person linked to the direction of Flamengo some details involving this negotiation. It would have advanced absurdly this weekend. Remembering that Marcos Braz did not come to Fortaleza. First, to streamline all the bureaucracy involving Andreas Pereira’s registration and second, also because of this situation to hire a defender”, revealed.

The reporter continued talking about David Luiz: “In salaries and gloves, David Luiz would receive something around R$ 1.3 million. The contract would be two years, is what Flamengo proposes. (…) There is also the possibility that there is no penalty for termination in case of an offer of a European club. (…) There are still details to be discussed (to close the deal)”, added.

Officially, Flamengo tries not to talk about it so as not to create too high expectations for the fans. On the other hand, the directors remain confident that they will close a hiring package that will further increase the level of competitiveness within the squad.

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