Bruna Marquezine and Sasha Meneghel put friendship at stake in revealing interview

Bruna Marquezine and Sasha Meneghel
Bruna Marquezine and Sasha Meneghel hand over their 18-year friendship secret (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Bruna Marquezine and Sasha Meneghel in addition to being two of the most popular Brazilian women on social networks, they have also been friends for 18 years. In an interview with Glamor magazine, the famous duo defined what is the secret of this solid partnership.

The actress pointed out that everything the two have gone through in nearly two decades was very firm and true: “For me, true friendships are the ones that stay the same, regardless of life stage. This happens whether you see each other every day or once a year. I can say that our friendship is like that, solid, based on love and respect. I’m so grateful to have this kind of friendship”.

Sasha highlighted the harmony of the two as the big positive point: “For me, friendship is something very valuable. It’s a tune that we have to cultivate. I believe this is the key to maintaining every friendship: focus on affection, empathy and sharing”.

Marquezine also stated that their relationship is closer than they imagine: “For me, it’s like an extension of my family. My friendships occupy a very important place in my life, they are my lap, my safe haven”. Xuxa’s daughter completed: “A lot of history, a lot of respect, admiration and love. I’m grateful that I met her so young and that we grew up together.”.

Enzo Celulari’s ex-girlfriend told what they like to do together: “We are easygoing, so we really enjoy going out to eat and spending the day together. We also love to paint, we used to do that a lot when we were younger”.

Sasha Meneghel also exposed another common interest: “Eating, watching movies, clowning… Today we share a passion that is fashion – and that has also become a recurring theme in our conversations”.

After all, Bruna Marquezine was quite happy to see her friend married to João Figueiredo: “Without a doubt it was a unique moment, I was very happy to see her radiant and fulfilling a dream”.

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