Canal Ideal – Covid-19 dies, Magro Lima, Radio Atlântida communicator

Photo: Disclosure


Magro Lima died aged 42, leaving his wife, Lisangela Preissler, and son Fernando, who turns six in October. But the loss of communication broke the heart not only of family and friends, but also of the radio listeners who followed him every day.

The early death of the producer and communicator for Atlântida radio, Marco Lazzarotto, known as Magro Lima, moved colleagues and listeners of the Pretinho Basic program. Several tributes were paid on social networks by those who knew him closely and who only knew him on the radio, but who felt like his close friend.

“When we listen to someone almost daily we listeners end up feeling close to the communicators, and that loss hurts a lot,” wrote one listener. Information is from NSC Total.