Car insurance can get cheaper with new rules; understand – Business

The Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep) will make rules and criteria more flexible to expand the access to vehicle insurance from day September 1st. The measure takes into account the 2019 data from the National Traffic Department, which indicates that 84% of the Brazilian fleet is not insured.

Among the new rules, owners of old vehicles that not opting to hire coverage for theft and robbery may only request insurance for accidents, such as collisions and fires, which will leave more cheap at the end.

Another measure allows the insurance to be linked to the conductor, instead of the vehicle. As such, all cars that a specific driver drives will have an active warranty.

In addition, the insured may choose to be reimbursed with the half the value, instead of receiving the full value of the car in case of car problems, you will pay cheaper in the contract.

Check out the main changes in car insurance

  • Hull coverage can be done for one or several different types of risks chosen, be it theft, robbery, collision or fire;
  • Car insurance can be hired together with other types of insurance, such as home and business;
  • Insurance may be linked to conductor, allowing its use in rented, shared vehicles, etc;
  • It is now allowed to partial coverage of the vehicle;
  • Insurers may provide for vehicle repair exclusively in a network workshop referenced the insurance company;
  • Insurers may charge deductibles in cases of full indemnity or by fire, lightning and explosion.

safe on and off

Since 2019, SUSEP has allowed intermittent insurance, one in which the customer can “turn on and off” coverage and assistance according to their needs. This type of contract may present approximately 44% savings.

Remember that it is not possible to disable it in a way complete the insurance because of the need for inspection. However, the customer can, for example, interrupt the towing and locksmith assistance, as well as the coverage for third parties.

Insurance per kilometer driven

Another alternative of coverage is the insurance per kilometer traveled, where the customer pays according to the vehicle use. The final amount is calculated from a fixed amount, plus a variable charge of cents for the distance covered.

Also, there are conveniences that can be summed up to the basic package, such as 24-hour assistance, locksmith, plumber and electrician.

Companies still offer internal cleaning of the car, in case of flooding inside the vehicle and offer a reserve car while the car is being repaired.

Beware of fake insurance

With all the diversity of products, it is necessary to pay attention to misleading offers that do not offer real guarantees for the vehicle, the so-called vehicle protection.

This modality not recognizes the rights of the consumer, does not pay taxes and is not inspected. Therefore, in this type of contract, the associate himself assumes the risk, together with the other associates, by signing a mutual responsibility contract.

In addition, in case of loss, a apportionment among all. Therefore, the indemnity payment depends on the entity’s cash.