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Cash will pay FGTS profits by the end of August
Sophia Bernardes

Cash will pay FGTS profits by the end of August

Caixa Econômica Federal has already started to deposit the distribution of profits from the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS) in the workers’ accounts. For some workers, the deposit of profit has occurred for the time being in inactive linked accounts of lower value, and others have already received it in active accounts, that is, those referring to the current employment relationship.

According to Caixa, the processing for profit distribution is being carried out at the same time on the basis of active and inactive accounts, and that there is no scaling being done between accounts with greater or lesser volume of resources. The bank did not reveal how many workers and how many accounts have already had the profit credited, but it guarantees that the maximum deadline for the deposit is August 31st. According to the rules of the Guarantee Fund, each worker’s linked account, active or inactive, will be entitled to receive part of the distribution of profits provided they had a positive balance on December 31, 2020.

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The bank also added that the values ​​can already be seen by the worker on his FGTS statement right after the credit is made. Although the percentage for profit distribution was only approved by the Fund’s Board of Trustees on August 17, workers verified that the date of deposit or credit in the FGTS statement is August 10th.

The beneficiary will not be able to withdraw this resource immediately. The conditions for authorization to withdraw are described by law, including unfair dismissal, retirement, remaining three years without a job with a formal contract, buying a home, serious illness, among others.


The FGTS Board of Trustees approved the distribution of R$8.129 billion of the profit in 2020. The value is equivalent to 96% of last year’s result, which was R$8.468 billion.

The distribution reaches 191.2 million accounts, with a total balance of R$ 436.2 billion in December 2020. In practice, the distribution will be 1.83% of the balance of the worker’s linked account existing on December 31, 2020, active and/or inactive. According to data from the Board of Trustees, for every thousand reais of balance, R$ 18.63 will be credited to the active or inactive linked account.

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  • In the case of a balance of BRL 2,000, the credit would be BRL 37.26
  • On the balance of BRL 3,000, credit of BRL 55.89
  • On the balance of BRL 4,000, credit of BRL 74.52
  • On the balance of BRL 5,000, credit of BRL 93.15
  • On the balance of BRL 10 thousand, credit of BRL 186.30
  • On the balance of BRL 20 thousand, credit of BRL 372.60
  • On the balance of BRL 100,000, credit of BRL 1,863

The remuneration of the FGTS accounts is 3% per year, plus the Referential Rate (TR), currently zeroed. One of the goals of distributing part of the profit is to improve profitability for workers.

In 2020, the FGTS distributed R$ 7.5 billion among shareholders, approximately 66% of the profit presented in 2019, which was R$ 11.3 billion.