Central Unimed takes over Unimed Planalto clients in DF and Goiás

Consumers in the Federal District and Goiás who have health plans from Unimed Planalto should prepare. As of September 1, all will be incorporated by Central Nacional Unimed, which will take over the operator’s medical assistance operations.

With this move, Central Unimed will manage the service in more than 30 municipalities distributed throughout the Federal District and Goiás. The operation, already authorized by the National Agency for Supplementary Health (ANS), will benefit more than 8 thousand customers in both regions.

According to Central Unimed, the incorporation of Unimed Planalto has as its main strategy to strengthen and complement the operating model in some cities in Brazil. The operator guarantees that all contractual conditions signed with the beneficiaries of Unimed Planalto will be maintained, such as expiration date, coverage, values ​​and base readjustment date.

The accredited network that so far serves customers will also be maintained, and no grace period or additional costs will be applied. “This is another important movement for Brazilian medical cooperativism. We already have a solid performance in Brasília and, now, we are expanding our quality, service and strength to other regions”, says Luiz Paulo Tostes Coimbra, president of Central Unimed.

He adds: “By expanding our operation, we ensure that the associated Unimeds prioritize the most important thing: excellent medical work, the reason for their existence”. Responsible for national service and business contracts with large corporations, Central Unimed has a total of 1,855,858 customers and more than 1,700 employees.

Brasilia, 4:29 pm