Christiane Torloni generates climate by citing Faustão on Globo | celebrities

Christiane Torloni and Faustão

Christiane Torloni and Faustão

A close friend of Faustão, Christiane Torloni surprised the audience of “Se Joga” this Saturday (21) by citing the presenter on the live program. The actress received donation calls for “Criança Esperança” when she was asked about her participation in “Super Dança dos Famosos”, currently presented by Tiago Leifert.

“This year was a great tribute that we were paying for the farewell of our dear Fausto”, he said, answering what was the main difference between the current edition and when it debuted in the competition, in 2008.

Considering the sudden departure of the broadcaster’s host, Fernanda Gentil circumvented the situation by adding: “It was really a tribute to Faust, a return of yours”. “The proposal was different. It was lighter despite the pandemic”, concluded Torloni. Fausto Silva left TV Globo in June this year, after 32 years in charge of the network’s Sunday afternoons.

The sudden departure took the audience and the presenter’s colleagues by surprise, as his contract would extend until the end of 2021. Without Faustão, Tiago Leifert took over the “Super Dance of the Famous”, while Luciano Huck prepares to present a new edition of the ” Sunday”.