Cléber Machado talks about ’embarrassment’ and respect for Luan in a vote for Craque do Jogo

With the goal scored by Roni at the start of the second half, O Corinthians won the Athletico Paranaense 1-0, at Arena da Baixada, for the 17th round of the Brazilian Championship. However, the match was also marked by luan winning the popular vote for the Craque do Jogo award. The Corinthians midfielder entered at 30 of the second half. In the transmission of Globe commanded by Cleber Machado, the narrator criticized the audience votes on the player.

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– I understand that fans are sometimes angry with a player. Sometimes we think it’s a good mood, but sometimes it’s kind of embarrassing. Sometimes a little goes by, I think… Voting is free, everyone votes for whoever they think they have to vote for, but I think Luan doesn’t deserve it. Anyway… Each one with their electoral conscience – began the announcer.

– The effort to improve is part of Luan’s and the player’s life, but the stage is not always good. ‘Ah, but the stage hasn’t been good for a while’. He’s annoyed for not entering, but we don’t hear that he’s fighting, disturbing the environment, it’s his. It seems a little too cruel to pick on the guy every game – pointed out Cléber Machado.

the commentators Caio Ribeiro and Walter Casagrande also commented on the action. For Caio, the gesture is a kind of ‘persecution’. He adds that part of the votes may represent the desire of the fans to see Luan receiving more opportunities.

– I don’t like this kind of persecution, but I have received many messages from Corinthians fans who say that part of these votes are because they want Luan to have new opportunities, who want to see him again now that Corinthians have evolved collectively, are proposing more the game, they think Luan can be better used – said the former player.

– In any case, praise or criticism, the change has to come from the athlete, he has to feel uncomfortable for being on the bench, he who cannot be satisfied with the bench. Potential to play more he has – completed Caio.

Already Big house, classified the election as an irony.

– I think it’s ironic. It happens all the time since then and nobody ever said it was a protest. Just last week they started talking about it. I think it’s irony – he said.

The positive result guaranteed Corinthians’ second consecutive victory, which enters the G-6.