club discloses part of the new uniform

Collaboration for UOL, in São Paulo

08/23/2021 1:27 PMUpdated on 08/23/2021 2:20 pm

Palmeiras launched today, in its official networks, a teaser with the first details of the third uniform for the season.

With the motto of “From where the gold comes”, the shirt will honor the last season of the alviverde team, in which it won the triple crown, with the titles of Paulistão, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores.

The first details show the symbols of the cups won in the 2020 season, as well as the Palmeiras shield with golden details.

From what the video shows, the shirt will be predominantly white, with details in dark green and gold.

The shirt is scheduled to be released on August 26, the club’s 107th anniversary.

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