Corinthians forwards the hiring of the goalkeeper considered the highest in Brazil

Corinthians is close to announcing the hiring of goalkeeper Carlos Miguel, 22, who was linked to Internacional until last week. It was Corinthians’ interest, in fact, that made the archer not renew with the club from Rio Grande do Sul.

Carlos Miguel is 2.04m tall and is considered the tallest goalkeeper in Brazil (eight centimeters taller than Cassio). The report of My Timon found that the search for the goalkeeper is related to the fact that Caique França did not renew his contract at the end of the year.

Corinthians’ idea is to let Caique, who is already 26, experience his career in a place where he can have a chance to play. Something that won’t happen at Parque São Jorge, where Cássio has owned the position for ten seasons. At 19, Matheus Donelli will be worked for the future.

Despite his stature, Carlos Miguel is considered by the Corinthians board of directors to be a quick goalkeeper with good decision-making in low balls. At Diego Aguirre’s Internacional, he was the third goalkeeper, as Daniel is the starter and Marcelo Lomba is the immediate reserve.

In the first half, Carlos Miguel defended Boa Esporte during the Minas Gerais Championship. He had already worn the Santa Cruz shirt last season. Both as borrowed.

Corinthians goalkeepers from January 2022 should be: Cássio, Carlos Miguel, Matheus Donelli and Guilherme Castellani. In the last four months of 2021, Caique França will be together in CT.

With 2.04m, Carlos Miguel

At 2.04m, Carlos Miguel is almost the size of the crossbar and, when he raises his arm, he goes over the goal


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