Couple refuses to take the vaccine, dies with covid-19 and leaves 4 children

Couple refuses to take the vaccine, dies with covid-19 and leaves 4 children

The oldest children were 18 years old (Photo: Reproduction/ GoFundMe)

An American couple, Lawrence and Lydia Rodriquez, refused to take a vaccine against covid-19, not believing in its effectiveness. They recently died from complications of coronavirus disease and left four children in Texas. The information is from channel ABC13.

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All immunizations applied in the United States have proven efficacy by the FDA, the country’s health surveillance agency. Despite this, a relative of them, Dottie Jones, confirmed that the 2 did not trust the vaccine.

Lawrence took covid-19 and had complications affecting his kidneys. Lydia died two weeks later, also from complications from the disease. And when she was admitted to the ICU, she asked to be vaccinated, but the doctors informed that it was not possible at that time. Before she died, she asked her children to get vaccinated.

Jones revealed the story and said it should serve as an example for people to get the vaccine.

She also started an internet campaign on the GoFundMe website to help her children with various expenses. So far they have raised about $65,000.

Only 2 children of the couple are of legal age, twins Nathan and Ehthan, aged 18 years. Adam is 16. And Synphonia is 11. For now they are being taken care of by Jones and other relatives.

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