CS:GO Celebrates Nine Year Anniversary of Release | DRAFT5

It was on this same August 21st, but in that distant year of 2012, that the world saw the official launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The newest version of the classic and sovereign FPS from Valve officially arrived on the market at the price of R$24.99.

Aiming to unite two communities – the 1.6 and the one of Source – in one game, the CS:GO it did not become unanimous right away. It took some time for some teams and players to migrate entirely to the new franchise title, which brought numerous new features.

From improved graphics, through new maps and characters, to controversial fire grenades. The game, in the month of its release, had a single peak of 52,000 players.

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Interestingly, at that point the game was also released for PRAÇA, PS3 and Xbox 360. The initial promise of a cross-platform title fell apart even before the official release. In fact, the consoles would not take long to fall into ostracism, not even receiving updates after some time due to the policies of Microsoft and Sony regarding updates.

The original CS:GO menu, dated 2012 |  Photo: Disclosure/ValveThe original CS:GO menu, dated 2012 | Photo: Disclosure/Valve

Since then, nine years have passed. A plethora of updates followed, fifteen Majors were fought, dynasties were built, and stories were written. What has certainly not changed is the simplicity of a franchise that has captivated gamers for over 20 years.

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Years go by, players go by and the community remains faithful to the same formula that shaped the character of a generation that spent hours and hours in Internet cafes around the world playing the classic 1.6. New year, new year and the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains sovereign.