Curitiba anticipates the 2nd dose of some vaccination groups; know what they are

This Monday (8/23), the Municipal Health Department (SMS) anticipates the second dose of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines for people aged 57 and over who received the first application on June 9 and for those with 56 years or older vaccinated on June 10th.

The groups are being summoned by message through the Saúde Já application, which should be presented at the time of vaccination.

For those who are 57 and 56 years old, but took the vaccine outside the schedule (in recap periods), there will be no anticipation of the second dose on Monday.

Those who did not receive the summons message by Saúde No longer will have the second dose anticipated for this Monday and should, therefore, follow the date previously scheduled.

Anyone summoned and unable to attend this Monday may take the vaccine on another date when there is application of a second dose.

planned schedule

It is estimated that 57,500 people complete the vaccination schedule receiving the second dose this Monday. There will be 13.6 thousand people who will have the second dose in advance and another 43,900 who will follow the planned schedule.

The service will be provided at 11 points, from 8 am to 5 pm.

most vulnerable group

The conventional dosing interval between AstraZeneca and Pfizer is approximately 90 days. The anticipation was decided by the Technical and Medical Ethics Committee of the SMS, after a survey carried out by the Epidemiology Center that showed that the group aged 50 to 59 years is today the most vulnerable to the worsening of covid-19 – with the highest number of hospitalizations and deaths.

According to the director of the SMS Epidemiology Center, Alcides Oliveira, this scenario may be related to the circulation of variants and also to the fact that older people already have the full immunization cycle.

“The Delta variant has been shown to be more resistant to antibodies produced by the first dose, but with two doses this barrier increases. As older people are already immunized with both doses, the virus seeks new spaces of vulnerability,” he explained

The age group between 50 and 59 years accounts for 15% of new infections, 23% of admissions and 19% of deaths confirmed by covid-19 in the city. Part of this group has already completed the immunization cycle, but the portion that started the second dose schedule on June 9 is not yet fully immunized

This anticipation will be possible with the doses for the second application that are available in the city’s stock. If the municipality receives new batches of immunizing agents, it will continue with the reduction of the interval between doses.

“In addition to the availability of doses, the initiative has scientific support, our objective is to have this priority public with a complete vaccination cycle in the shortest time possible”, explains Oliveira.

How to make

To receive the second anticipated dose of the vaccine, just look for one of the 11 vaccination points, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, bring an identification document with photo and CPF and present the message with the summons.

Those who belong to these age groups must access the Saúde Já application. When accessing the application, a “pop-up” message will appear with the notification that that user is being called.

Who should receive the second dose in advance this Monday (8/23)

– 57-year-olds vaccinated with the first dose on June 9 (the second dose was scheduled for September 2)
– 56-year-olds vaccinated with the first dose on June 10 (the second dose was scheduled for September 3)

Vaccination sites

From 8am to 5pm

1 – Pavilion of Healing
Barigui Park (entrance only via BR-277)

2 – US Pardinho Ombudsman
Rua 24 de Maio, 807 – Ouvidor Pardinho Square

3 – US Parigot de Souza
Rua João Eloy de Souza, 111 – Sítio Cercado

4 – Avelino Vieira Sport and Leisure Center
Rua Guilherme Ihlenfeldt, 233 – Bacacheri

5 – US Visitation
Rua Dr. Bley Zornig, 3136 – Boqueirão

6 – US Camargo
Rua Pedro Violani, 364 – Cajuru

7 – CIC People’s Club
Rua Hilda Cadilhe de Oliveira, 700

8 – US Vila Feliz
Rua Pedro Gusso, 866 – New World

9 – US Pines
Rua Joanna Emma Dalpozzo Zardo, 370 – Santa Felicidade

10 – Rua da Cidadania do Tatuquara
Rua Olivardo Konoroski Bueno, s/n

11 – Rua da Cidadania do Fazendinha
1,700 Carlos Klemtz Street