Curitiba breaks record for vaccination in one day and immunizes 45,611 people

Curitiba hit the record in vaccinated in one day against the Covid-19, this Saturday (21). There were 45,611 vaccines administered to residents of the city who were born in the second half of 1996 and in all months of 1997 and 1998. Pregnant and postpartum women (who gave birth up to 45 days ago) were also attended to.

The big joint effort it extended from 8 am to 8 pm and mobilized health professionals in 43 vaccination points in the capital.

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The previous record was set on August 7, also a Saturday. On that day, 34,146 people born in 1991 were immunized with the first dose, plus those who adhered to the recap of their year of birth.

fast pace

This Monday (23), the Municipal Health Department (SMS) anticipates the second dose of vaccines from Astrazeneca and Pfizer for those aged 57 and over who received the first injection on June 9 and for those aged 56 and over vaccinated on June 10.

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The groups are being summoned by message through the Saúde Já application, which should be presented at the time of vaccination.

It is estimated that 57,500 people complete the vaccination schedule receiving the second dose this Monday. There will be 13.6 thousand people who will have the second dose in advance and another 43,900 who will follow the planned schedule.