Deputy suggests games for the big ones in Belo Horizonte, with fans, in Sete Lagoas

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Soon the City Hall of Belo Horizonte announced the new veto to games with fans in the capital for ‘breach of protocols’ in the two test events held in Mineiro, state deputy Douglas Melo (MDB) suggested that Atltico, Cruzeiro and Amrica send their matches in Sete Lagoas. The municipality located 74km from Belo Horizonte recently released the presence of up to 600 fans at Arena do Jacar in the Democrata-SL matches for Module II of the Mineiro Championship.

The stadium holds 20,020 fans, but, at the moment, it has a report that only allows 10,066 people, as stated on the website of the Federao Mineira de Futebol. The release to the public of 600 people corresponds to 5.9% of the capacity.

I have now spoken with the presidents of Cruzeiro, America, and will try to contact Atltico. With the ban on fans in the stadiums of Belo Horizonte, it is time to try to attract the games to Sete Lagoas, following the safety rules. This is important for our economy. (…) In relation to Cruzeiro, the lawn will be evaluated by the board, which wants to have games in the city, but sees the issue as preponderant for the return. Let’s wait and follow the situation closely“, posted the state deputy on his Twitter account.

Democrat-SL warns that lawn is a ‘wreck’

This Sunday, upon learning of the suggestion made by the deputy, Democrata-SL warned that the Arena do Jacar lawn is ‘a wreckage’ due to the many matches being played by Module II and also by championships in youth categories.

T full of people talking gum a! We have our doors open, but our lawn is a mess from so much game. Let them come with money to solve the scolding. Sincerity everything. Here there is no hypocrisy. Cruzeiro (base) already plays here and knows what we’re talking about. Not petulence, reality. I need to get the lawn and the studio back. Arena do Jacar is for the Democrat, but not for the big team. This acknowledge the reality“, wrote the club on its official Twitter account.

Faced with the new veto of games with fans in Belo Horizonte, the club said, in a statement, that it would study new venues to host the match against Ponte Preta, on September 7, at 4 pm, for the 23rd round of Serie B.

Even understanding and respecting the concern of local authorities at this time, Cruzeiro reinforces its belief in the safety of the protocols adopted and to be followed in this gradual return of fans to the stadiums and reserves the right to study the feasibility of holding the next games in other areas , where the presence of the public is allowed.

The Club does not measure efforts so that the protocols are applied, offering security and well-being to its fans in accessing the games, and informs that new locations are already being evaluated so that the match in front of Ponte Preta, on September 7th, is held with the presence of the Cruzeiro fan“.

America and Atltico await CBF

In the case of America and Atltico, the clubs decided to respect the decision of the Serie A Arbitrator and will only receive the public after authorization from the CBF, which has not yet occurred. For Galo, the same criterion applies to matches in the Copa do Brasil.

Atltico faced River Plate with fans last Wednesday (8/18), in Mineiro, for the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores, because Conmebol authorized games with the public in municipalities that had authorization from their executive authorities. This was the case in Belo Horizonte up to that time.

Kalil calls interview to talk veto

The mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), scheduled a press conference this Monday (08/23), at 10 am, to talk about the veto of the presence of the public in the capital’s stadiums and the football matches that served as the event -test last week. The meeting will take place at the City Hall’s Noble Hall.

The press conference was announced after the report of the supersports He added that the municipal Executive rejected the two test events in the city last week and will again prohibit the holding of games and other sporting events with the public. The decision will be published this Monday (23/08) in the Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM).

The various crowds registered in Mineiro in the matches between Atltico and River Plate, for Copa Libertadores, and Cruzeiro and Confiana, for Serie B, especially at the time of the fans’ entrance to the stadium, prompted a new ban on public attendance by the Belo Horizonte City Hall.
In an interview with supersports and to State of Minas, infectologist Carlos Starling, who makes up the PBH’s COVID-19 Coping Committee, stated that “there were breaches of protocols” in the matches of Atltico, on the last Wednesday (18/8), and Cruzeiro, on Friday (20/8). ).

“Because they were test games, the committee has to analyze, the Municipal (Health) Department has to analyze the results. In principle, there were several breaches of protocols. Therefore, it is important that these breaches are analyzed from a health point of view, epidemiological. It’s not abnormal (going back), because they were test games. And tests have to be analyzed before being followed up,” he said.