Elizabeth Olsen comments Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney

With the process of scarlett johansson Against the Disney dominating pop-culture coverage in recent weeks, it was only a matter of time before her colleagues from MCU of the actress were asked about the matter. in conversation with Jason Sudeikis (ted lasso) published by Vanity Fair, Elizabeth Olsen he said he did not care about the outcome of the case and praised Johansson’s strength. “I think Scarlett is so tough and when I saw the story I thought ‘good for you Scarlett’”.

the actress of WandaVision he also stated that the release of films in the streaming it is worrisome not only because of the issues between studio and artists, but also because of the maintenance of smaller cinemas aimed at smaller productions. “This is something I was worried about even before COVID-19. I like going to the movies and I don’t necessarily want to see only movies from oscar or blockbusters. I want to see an artistic film and cinemas dedicated to them. So I care about them and the people who keep them”.

I think it will end up being what it was like when studios owned movie theaters. I feel that we will go back to being the only way, with real estate so expensive”, continued Olsen, admitting that he does not understand how contracts between companies and cinemas work. “But with the actors’ earnings, this has to be all contractual. so or [a mudança do método de lançamento] is it in the contract, or is it not”.

Black Widow was one of the titles that Disney decided to release also in streaming, for the additional value of BRL 70 ($30, in the USA), due to the coronavirus pandemic. In its debut, the feature earned worldwide $215 million, of which US$80 million came only from the North American market. Although it is an impressive value, the film faced the biggest box office drop in Marvel Studios history in its second week.