Embraer’s Eve Announces Agreement to Supply Up to 100 ‘Flying Cars’ to Singapore Company

THE Eve Urban Air Mobility, company of embraer, and the Ascent Flights Global announced on Monday, 23, the deepening of the partnership to develop a “robust ecosystem” of urban air mobility in the Asia-Pacific region. Beginning in 2026, Eve will provide Ascent with up to 100,000 flight hours in the vertical take-off and landing electric vehicle (eVTOL), the “flying carEve plans to place up to 100 aircraft to be marketed by the Ascent platform on its current and future routes.

The company of Singapore, which acts as an on-demand application, will pay for flight time on Eve’s aircraft while operating in conjunction with other partners in Asia-Pacific and other markets.

The aircraft will be used in major cities such as Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines), Melbourne (Australia), Tokyo (Japan), and also in Singapore.

The agreement is part of Eve’s comprehensive mobility strategy to position itself as an industry leader. The deployment of Eve’s aircraft on Ascent’s network is subject to the conclusion of final agreements between the parties.

“Ascent is one of the largest urban air mobility companies in Asia-Pacific and its strong presence in the region makes it an ideal partner for Eve’s operations. The region has a huge demand for innovative transportation solutions that can be met with our low-emission aircraft. This is the right path for growth sustainable” Eve President and CEO Andre Stein said in a statement.

“Eve’s innovative technology, combined with her experience in manufacturing and global coverage services through Embraer, gives us the confidence that we will have a solution suited to the region’s complex requirements,” said Ascent Founder and CEO Lionel Sinai -Sinelnikoff.

In a statement, the Brazilian manufacturer emphasizes that Eve presents a “unique value proposition”, supported by more than 50 years of Embraer experience in aircraft manufacturing and certification expertise. According to the company, the zero-emission, low-noise aerial vehicle, with its simple and intuitive design, continues to achieve relevant development milestones, including the first engineering simulator flight in July 2020 and the scale model in October 2020.

In addition, Eve’s Urban Air Traffic Management project has reached a new mark in its collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom (CAA, Civil Aviation Authority) to develop the necessary conditions for UAM flights with high potential for expansion.