Empire: see summary of chapters for the week of August 23rd to 28th

Monday (23) – Chapter 115
Cora wears José Alfredo’s ring. Maria Isis talks to Maria Marta. Antoninho praises Orville’s drawings. José Alfredo reads an article about José Pedro and is outraged. Bruna hears Danielle talking to Maurílio. Maria Clara scolds José Pedro for wanting to sell his pink diamond. Vincent consoles Maria Isis. Maria Marta questions Merival about the exhumation of José Alfredo’s body. Cora decides to go to the cemetery. Maria Marta visits her husband’s supposed tomb. Téo advises Erika to agree to marry Robertão. Felipe demands from Enrico his promise of a position at the restaurant. Bianca suggests that Leonardo play José Alfredo, younger, in the Unidos de Vila Isabel fashion show. Maria Marta sees Cora with José Alfredo’s ring.

Tuesday (24) – Chapter 116
Maria Marta argues with Cora. José Alfredo demands that Josué take him to see Maria Isis. Xênia asks Pietro to indicate her to occupy the prominent place in the samba school. Maria Marta comments to Maria Isis that she believes José Alfredo is alive. Tuane and Elivaldo date. Maria Marta says she wants to exhume her ex-husband’s body, and Cristina refuses to accept. Maria Marta deduces that Cristina knows that José Alfredo is alive and asks to speak with him. Maria Clara arranges a dinner with Vicente. Cora fights with Sirlene. Cristina thinks about Vicente. Leonardo auditions at the samba school in order to play José Alfredo at Carnival. José Alfredo sees Maria Marta arrive with Maurílio at Vicente’s restaurant and hides. Maria Ísis faints when she sees José Alfredo and Maria Clara observes the scene.

Wednesday (25) – Chapter 117
Joshua sees Maria Clara approaching with her car. José Alfredo takes Maria Isis to his hiding place. Maria Clara tells Maria Marta what happened to Maria Isis. Cristina looks for José Alfredo and tells about Maria Marta’s threat. Salvador changes his painting because of Helena. Maria Marta thinks about the death of José Alfredo. José Alfredo and Maria Isis make up. Érika asks Téo not to publish the statement Danielle made to Maurílio. Robertão looks for Erika. Leonardo faces Enrico and Amanda celebrates. Claudio is thrilled with his new work. Cora thinks about discovering José Alfredo’s hiding place. Maria Ísis says goodbye to José Alfredo. Maria Marta demands that Maria Isis tell her where the Commander is hiding.

Thursday (26) – Chapter 118
Maria Ísis confronts Marta and claims that José Alfredo is dead. Cristina calls a new meeting at the Império jewelry store. José Alfredo tells Cristina that Josué will go to her house to retrieve the ring that Cora stole. Robertão receives a job offer to leave the country. Elivaldo tells Marcão that he got back together with Tuane. Cristina has an idea to try to save Império, but Maria Clara refuses to help her. Cora goes to the cemetery. Téo suggests that Magnolia and Severo ask Claudio to organize their party. Orville is jealous of Juliane with Arnoldão. Joshua finds Cora’s secret box. Cristina asks if Patrício can create a more popular collection for Império jewelry. Joshua hands the ring to José Alfredo.

Friday (27) – Chapter 119
Manoel worries when he notices that Enrico sees Josué leaving his bar. Claudio agrees to organize Magnolia and Severo’s party, but imposes some conditions. Cristina agrees with Patrício to create the new collection for the Império jewelry store. Maria Clara hears her father’s voice on Joshua’s phone and is intrigued. Mário Borriello and Antoninho approve Orville’s designs for Carnival. Arnoldão and Juliane confirm the relationship for Xana and Naná. Enrico remembers the last New Year he spent with his family. Cora discovers that José Alfredo’s ring is missing. Amanda visits Leonardo. Claudio toasts with the family and the restaurant staff. Salvador and Helena stay together. Everyone at Xana’s house fraternizes. Cora sees José Alfredo.

Saturday (28) – Chapter 120
José Alfredo pretends to be a haunting to confuse Cora. Vicente greets his team and presents to everyone. Xana gets annoyed when Naná receives a call from Antônio. Maria Marta dismisses Maurílio and stays in José Alfredo’s room. Vicente and Cristina kiss. Maria Clara declares herself to Vicente. Salvador watches Helena sleep and Carmen worries about the girl. Maria Ísis and José Alfredo spend the day together. Téo writes the unauthorized biography of José Alfredo. Claudio calls Leonardo. Cora appears at Maria Marta’s house and says she saw José Alfredo.