Entrepreneur reveals how much Silvio Santos spent to save Patrícia Abravanel’s life

Silvio Santos
Silvio Santos and Patricia Abravanel after kidnapping in 2001 (Image: Reproduction / SBT)

nephew of Silvio Santos, William Stoliar revealed that he was responsible for negotiating the rescue of Patricia Abravanel. In 2001, the country stopped after the presenter’s daughter was kidnapped by criminals in São Paulo.

In an interview with UOL, the businessman said that he found the criminals and handed over a large amount of money. “I don’t remember how much they asked, but we paid them something like R$500,000 or something like that”, he remembered.

Stoliar gave details of his steps after Silvio asked him to be responsible for the negotiations: “I went with the driver to a location marked by them. And I handed over the money”.

“Silvio told me what was going on and said he would need someone he trusted to make negotiations with the kidnappers. I told him yes, that I was available”, spoke at the time.

Silvio Santos’ relative pointed out that it was difficult for the presenter to have to deal with the situation alone. “That’s why I had to negotiate, he was very passionate to resolve this issue and I had to help him. It’s a very difficult thing”, he admitted, who acknowledged not having been traumatized by the episode: “Not. Just the joy of having managed to solve the problem”.

Patrícia Abravanel was released after paying the ransom, but the criminals invaded the Abravanel family mansion in the Morumbi neighborhood. After an action that involved the governor of São Paulo at the time, Geraldo Alckmin, the case came to an end.

Twenty years later, in celebration of SBT’s 40th anniversary, Patricia spoke about her father’s health status, diagnosed with Covid-19. At Vem Pra Cá last Thursday (19), the famous woman announced her father’s recovery in the fight against the disease.

“It’s been much better staying at home than at the hospital. At home, whether you like it or not, you have to get out of bed to eat, take a shower. Yesterday we had the great news that all exams are getting better, as if the body had defeated the virus. It’s already won”, celebrated.

“And on Sunday maybe we will be celebrating the complete victory against this virus. My mother did not contract the disease but is isolated from them. But Silvio Santos beat the coronavirus! The biggest celebration is that he is in great health, beating this very malignant virus”, expressed.

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